Flexible Options

Five types of content make it easy to deliver just the right message

Want to deliver your latest product specs to customers’ smartphones? Show them a viral video? Let them download your latest app? You've got it.

With Microsoft Tag Manager, you can deliver five different types of content, giving you a variety of ways to engage your audience. For instance, you could pull people into the bliss of cruising with a video of your luxury liner. Or share the vintner’s secrets to picking the perfect wine. Maybe send a meeting reminder or a vCard with your address. 

See for yourself – scan each of the Tags below to view examples of the different types of content you can create with Tag.

URL: Share videos and websites

As you might suspect, the URL content type opens a web page on your customer’s smartphone – anything from a website to a video to a custom mobile site. For example, Holland America uses URL Tag barcodes in its marketing brochure to open a festive online site where you can explore cruise options, book the ideal cruise, and find videos of onboard activities from dining to night clubs.

Opening a URL is the most common mobile experience, and with the Real Time Location option, you can even target your messaging based on where the customer scans the Tag barcode, QR Code, or NFC touchpoint.

vCard: Create a digital business card

Add some savvy to your business card and résumé by using the vCard content type to create a virtual business card customers can use to instantly add you to their contacts list. A vCard is ideal for convention handouts and other networking events, and imagine how well it might work for a beauty salon, gym, or restaurant.

App Download: Deliver an app to the phone

The App Download is the “smart” content type – it can recognize the type of device scanning it and deliver a mobile experience optimized for that platform. So if you’re publishing a mobile app, you can use an App Download Tag barcode to help your audience find your app in no time. No longer do users have to root through app stores and marketplaces; you can instantly deliver the correct version for their phone. App Download content works with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, and J2ME devices, and you can use a single Tag barcode, NFC touchpoint, or QR Code across all mobile platforms. How’s that for a universal translator?

For more technical information on using App Download Tags, see the App Download Tag page in our Developers section.

Free Text: Display a message

Sometimes words really are enough, and the Free Text content type can display messages of up to 1,000 characters. It's a good choice when you want to alert folks to a room change at a conference or provide frequent updates to sweepstakes clues. (Note: This is not SMS/MMS text messaging.)

Dialer: Call a phone number

Forget fat-fingered dialing. Now customers can reach you simply by scanning a Dialer, which automatically calls a designated phone number. A Dialer could call a restaurant for reservations, dial an event's ticket office, or help a flustered novice cook reach your “Cooking a Turkey” hotline. You could even use a Dialer for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – like the Xbox 360 game "Alan Wake" does – to dial a number and hear a prerecorded message.


Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience