The Tag Scanning SDK

Marry your application with Tag technology for the total brand experience.

The Tag Scanning Software Development Kit (SDK) allows your developers to integrate Tag barcode scanning functionality directly into your smartphone application. Your customers won’t have to worry about searching for different scanner applications because the SDK puts Tag scanning right into your app! That means your customers stay in your app for the complete brand experience. Lowe's is among the companies using the Tag Scanning SDK in their applications to immerse users in both their brand and their message.

Make the Experience Easier for Customers

Customers never have to leave your application. It’s great for scanning Tags on location. Pirq, an application that offers location-based, real-time deals, uses the Tag Scanning SDK so customers stay in their app to find deals that are available where they are to use immediately.

Works with Many Devices in Market

The Tag Scanning SDK is available for the Windows Phone 7.5, iPhone, and Android platforms.

Find Out More

Need to know more? Visit our Developers section for more technical information or drop us an email with your company name and a brief description of your app and the Live ID account associated with it, and we’ll help you out.



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