Heat Maps

Tag’s analytics reveal your campaign’s geographical hot spots


How hot is your campaign? Find out with a Heat Map, one of Tag Manager’s most popular reporting features. A Heat Map shows you the geographical locations of all your scans, plotted on an interactive map. Heat Maps are integrated with Bing maps, so you can scroll the globe and zoom to pinpoint high-response areas. You’ll see results for geographic locations with more than 20 scans, with accuracy down to a two-mile radius. The Heat Map reports the location of all your scans, whether they come from a Tag barcode, QR Code, or NFC touchpoint. 

Heat Maps give you actionable info for refining your message, audience targeting, and campaign spending. Think of it as free market research that helps you plan media buys. You could run a movie promotion in national magazines before the film opens, then focus your opening-weekend heat map pull quoteadvertising on the geographies that generated the most scans. Without geographical info, you’re making buys based on what you think will work. With Tag and Heat Maps, you can make buys based on what you know will work. It’s hard to imagine a free marketing tool with greater savings power.


The bigger and darker the circle, the hotter the Tag barcode, QR Code, or NFC touchpoint. Say you’re selling sunglasses and spending heaviest in sunny Las Vegas. A glance at the Heat Map shows you’re getting more action in Seattle. Turns out Seattleites so rarely need sunglasses that it’s easier to buy new ones than find the ones they bought last year. Time to go bigger in Seattle and possibly rethink Vegas.