Reporting Tools

Free analytics let you easily gauge the effectiveness of your Tags


As a marketer, data is your friend. And with Microsoft Tag, you get the concrete numbers you need, for free. Just use Tag Manager’s built-in reporting and analytics to measure the success of your campaigns and gain the insights you need to fine-tune them for maximum impact. With Tag Manager you can view (and chart):

  • Frequency – how many times a Tag barcode, QR Code or NFC touchpoint (or group of them) has been scanned.
  • Time frame – how many scans each recognition technology receives each day and overall.
  • Geography – where each Tag barcode, QR Code or NFC touchpoint has been scanned, which can be represented on a Heat Map.

You can also use the new Tag Dashboard to easily retrieve scan data. The Dashboard is an Excel file that displays data on customer usage of your Tag barcodes and other recognition technologies, and displays them visually in preconfigured charts and graphs. So now checking in on your mobile campaign is easier than ever!  

With Tag's free analytics, you can easily test multiple promotions, monitor customer response to different versions of advertisements or coupons, and get the info you need to update your content anytime based on performance. And because you’re using Tag, you don’t have to reprint offline materials, just change what customers see when they scan your Tag barcodes, QR Codes or NFC touchpoints.

Tag Analytics in Action

Allure Campaign Achieves Record Results

When Allure magazine added Tag as an entry point for its annual Free Stuff Giveaway, entries soared 38% and the magazine gained valuable analytics on reader behavior, from scan numbers to which products were more popular. Among the findings: 28% of entries were from Tag scans; readers who scanned Tags with their smartphones were 2.5 times as active as those who entered on a computer; and 34% of mobile entrants opted to receive email updates and information from Allure.

“Making it Great” in Office 2010 Ads

When the Microsoft Office 2010 marketing team added Tag to their magazine ads, they wanted to see if a print-to-mobile approach would increase customer response and, ultimately, purchase intent. Tag’s reporting tools also enabled them to track activity by individual ad and publication, and they quickly learned which messages resonated best and which publications generated the most follow-through – insights not usually available through print advertising alone. With Tag's detailed metrics in hand, they refined their second round of magazine ads accordingly.

Dining Promotion Drives Repeat Business

To draw in diners, Eurest Dining Services added Tags to its marketing campaigns at corporate cafeterias. Customers scanned the Tags to win meal discounts and other incentives. Tag’s reports showed a 45% redemption rate (four times the norm), and winners spent 15% more on their checks than non-players. With these numbers in hand, Eurest expanded its Tag-based campaign to additional cafeterias and college campuses, with similarly impressive results.