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What Is NFC?


NFC is one of the new kids on the recognition technology block delivering data to phones using touchpoints rather than scanning.

Be The First

Want to position your brand as a cutting-edge technology adopter? Consider adding NFC to your campaigns. People with a compatible phone simply tap (or get close to) your NFC-enabled materials to open a web page, dial a phone number, see a free message, open a Vcard, or download a mobile app.

Some Android phones come enabled for NFC, so if your customer base leans heavily toward those devices, using NFC may be a great way to engage with them. Not sure if your customers are NFC-equipped? You can put more than one recognition technology on your marketing materials. Add a Tag barcode and you’re covered either way.

Create Unique Experiences

In addition to offering an array of experiences, like linking to websites and downloading apps, with Tag NFC technology you can also capture the rough location of where each tap is taking place. This lets you send people on-the-spot info.

Go beyond just telling how you hand-pick your ‘cukes and berries – give directions to the closest shop carrying your artisanal pickles and jams. You can also capture a unique Device ID of each mobile phone engaging with your content. That way, you can go a step further and serve up a different experience with each tap: Give a buy-one-get-one-free coupon with the first tap and a recipe for wild mountain blackberry thumbprint cookies with the next tap. Yum!

Fine Tune With Metrics

You’ll find reports on your NFC-enabled material along with the rest of your reports in Tag Manager. The reports show details on each tap by date and category.

For a richer set of data, you can also use the Scan Data API to provide more metrics on NFC engagement, including how many people are sharing your mobile experiences within our app, the exact time of each tap and more.

Getting Started

Adding NFC to your campaigns is easy to do using Tag Manager. You'll create an NFC URL that can be downloaded and shared with a third-party vendor who can set up your NFC tags using that URL and create your touchpoints. Add those touchpoints to your printed materials, such as a poster, and you are set!

Read more technical information on Tag's NFC Technology in our Developer section.


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