Microsoft Tag is proud to extend its mobile marketing solution to include several recognition technologies, giving you flexible options for deciding how to engage with your audience. We are the only solution in market that can create and scan Tag barcodes, QR Codes, and NFC touchpoints, all with a single creation tool and mobile app.

Each of the recognition technologies can be used alone or paired together to maximize your engagement. All can be created within minutes using Tag Manager and our reporting gives you the insight you need to accurately measure your campaign’s performance. And just like Tag barcodes, our QR Codes and NFC URLs can be updated whenever needed in Tag Manager so you can keep your materials fresh.


Raise Curiosity

Tag barcodes continue to deliver the great experience you’ve become accustomed to, providing a customizable look and feel, a smaller size, and tremendous scanning reliability. Tag barcodes also offer Real Time Location and Device ID to let you truly personalize your campaigns.


Grab Their Attention

We’ve expanded our 2D barcode offering to include the traditional QR Code format. QR Codes created using Tag Manager will have the standard look and feel of other QR generators, but also offer the flexibility that you enjoy with Tag barcodes, including updating content on the fly and advanced reporting. QR Codes created with Tag Manager and scanned using the Tag app can also deliver location and device aware experiences. QR Codes created in Tag Manager can be scanned by third-party apps too, so you won’t lose any connection with your customers.


Blend in Beautifully

Near Field Communication (NFC) is the latest and greatest in mobile technology. While still in the early stages, several Android devices come NFC-enabled, providing you a unique way to engage with your customers. They simply tap their device to the touchpoint to launch their mobile experience and away they go! You can create NFC URLs using Tag Manager and then provide those to third-party NFC vendors to create your touchpoints. NFC URLs can be updated at any time, saving you valuable time and money in keeping your touchpoints relevant. Use our reporting to measure every ‘tap’ and see where and how often people are engaging with your content.

The following table outlines some basic scenarios of when you would use Tag barcodes, QR Codes, or NFC touchpoints. No matter which you choose, all offer a great way to catch your customers’ eyes and engage them with your brand. The small size of our 2D barcodes allows you to easily add them to your marketing materials without taking up much space and using NFC lets you add interactivity without impacting design. You can create all formats using Tag Manager and all can be read using our Tag app.

Standard Tag
Custom Tag
QR Code
Create a customized experience that blends in with your brand's look and feel X
Catch people's attention on your marketing materials X X X
Sensitive to size of code on printed materials X X X
Have an audience that predominately uses Android NFC-enabled devices X
Want to use the popular 2D barcode formats X X X
Want to make more permanent printed materials interactive (such as a poster) X X X X
Want to make temporary printed materials interactive (such as direct mail pieces, flyers, ads) X X X
Want to create an experience that's dependent on scanning location (Real Time Location) X X
Want to create an experience that's reliant on knowledge of a device's scan history (Device ID) X X
Want to make materials interactive in low-lighting, such as in a movie theater X
Want an experience that can be scanned using the Tag app X X X X
Want an experience that can also be scanned by third party QR or NFC apps X X

Supported Devices and Platforms

Your customers are on the go, and Tag app can go with them