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Key Features


Put your marketing campaign right in your customers' hands – anytime, anywhere. Microsoft Tag has the tools you need to create a killer mobile campaign that delivers your brand and your story through videos, words, apps – whatever it takes. It’s integrated, measureable, and free. The Tag app is available on most smartphone platforms, and you can scan Tags anywhere in the world.

Freedom to Choose

The Tag solution is comprised of multiple recognition technologies, giving you many options for connecting with your customers on their mobile devices. We offer the eye-catching and customizable Tag barcodes, traditional QR Codes, and the newest mobile rock star, NFC. You can create all three with ease using Tag Manager and we provide in-depth reporting, so you’ll always know how your customers are engaging with your message.

Custom Tags

With an eye-catching custom Tag, you can build your brand, leverage your logo, blend with creative design, and add visual punch to your messaging.

Device ID

Deliver a richer mobile experience by customizing it based on a consumer's unique smartphone ID and the number of times they’ve scanned a Tag.

Real Time Location

Create a more personal, relevant connection with your customer by targeting your message based on their geographical location.

Flexible Tagging Options

Five types of Tags make it easy to deliver just the right message: display videos and websites, share digital business cards, download mobile apps, display text, or dial phone numbers.

Reporting Tools

Tag’s free analytics help you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by telling you when, where, and how often your Tags are being scanned – insights you can use to refine them for maximum impact. Heat Maps can even show you the geographical locations of all your scans on a map.

Microsoft Tag APIs

Microsoft Tag offers several APIs to make the management of your campaigns easier. If you are running a campaign that requires a large number of Tags to be used, the Tag Creation API allows you to batch create and manage your Tags from your desktop, laptop, server, or mobile device. And, the Tag Scan Data API is used to export your Tag scanning data, allowing you to import it into other campaign management tools to have a comprehensive view of your results.

The Tag Scanning SDK

Integrate Tag right into your smartphone application with the Tag Scanning Software Development Kit (SDK). Find out how the Tag Scanning SDK can create a total brand experience.


A Mobile Marketing Solution that Works

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