What is Tag?


They're in your favorite magazine, on product packages, and bumper stickers. They're Tag barcodes, QR Codes, and other recognition technologies. You can use them to connect customers from your offline marketing materials to information, entertainment, and interactive experiences on their smartphones. These mobile interactions let people engage with your product and identify with your brand the moment they encounter your message.

People’s phones are an essential part of their daily life, connecting them to their entire world of friends and information. Using recognition technologies to make virtually anything clickable lets you quickly take advantage of today’s phone-centric lifestyle and help you direct customers to the most relevant information about your brand.

The Microsoft Tag marketing solution gives you and your customers the easy way to use a rich suite of recognition technologies, from QR Codes to the current Tag barcodes and beyond to the next generation in mobile, Near Field Communication (NFC). Depending on your choice, you can create a simple campaign delivering a line of text or a phone number, or go further and help people use your mobile site, see a video, download an app, get contact info, and much more. You don't have to worry about them typing in your URL or finding you online – using Tag instantly puts the relevant info at their fingertips.

With the Tag solution, you also get access to free reporting that measures the success of each of your campaigns. Tag also offers a single free mobile app, the Tag app, that lets your customers engage with the most common recognition technologies in market today, Microsoft Tag barcodes, and QR Codes.

How Tag Works

Marketing Goes Mobile

Your customers are on the go. Go with them. The Microsoft Tag solution lets you engage people anytime, anywhere, from magazine ads to store aisles.

What Are 2D Barcodes?

Printable Microsoft Tag barcodes and QR Codes connect physical objects to digital content on a smartphone.

What Is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) uses special sensors to connect phones and materials.

Why Use Tag?

The Microsoft Tag solution makes it easy to add a mobile dimension to your marketing campaigns, so you can capture customers in the moment.

Key Features

Tag helps you create integrated marketing campaigns that are:

  • Flexible: Tag offers multiple recognition technologies to engage with your audience.
  • Innovative: Create five different types of mobile experiences using video, apps, and more.
  • Design-friendly: Incorporate your branding, logo, or artwork with custom Tag barcodes.
  • Localized: Tailor your customers' experience to their location.
  • Unique: Provide customers with different experiences based on how often they've scanned your recognition technology.
  • Measureable: Analyze your campaign's performance and improve your marketing effectiveness.
  • Scalable: Use our APIs to automate the creation and management of your recognition technologies and scan data.
Tag Pricing

You can create, distribute, and scan each of our recognition technologies, plus get usage reports – all for free.

Best Practices

These simple guidelines can help you make the most of your Tag barcodes, QR Codes, or NFC-enabled campaigns.

How Do I Get Started?

Creating any of our recognition technologies with Tag Manager is easier than you think.

Who’s Using Tag?

Companies across the spectrum are discovering that the Tag solution can help them reach a mobile audience, engage and retain customers, and build their brands.


What Are 2D Barcodes?

2D barcodes add a whole new dimension to your marketing campaigns