Basic Tags are great for some things, but you can make an even bigger splash with a custom Tag. Custom Tags can help build your brand, and they blend in beautifully with your creative. Use your imagination and create a Tag that reflects your brand and the tone of your marketing campaign – elegant for a luxury car, outrageous for an off-color comedy blockbuster.

For details on creating custom Tags, check out our video, download our instructional guide (.pdf), or see the Creating Custom Tag Images section of the Tag Implementation Guide.

Want some inspiration? Here are a few examples from companies who’ve created custom Tags.


Raise Curiosity

Loescher, one of the largest textbook publishers for Italian secondary schools, uses a custom Tag to vividly call attention to the dynamic, on-the-go learning students can get on their mobile phones.


Grab Their Attention

Star power – Jake Gyllenhaal has it, and Summit Entertainment wisely used it in the custom Tag promoting the movie “Source Code.”


Blend in Beautifully

When you’re selling a beautiful luxury car, you want your ads to be equally elegant and eye-pleasing. That’s why Acura used custom Tags color-matched to the page content in its brochures.


Build Your Brand

Standing out in the crowded book market is no easy task. So when social-media guru Jay Baer published his new book, he used the book’s cover for a custom Tag. Readers who scan the Tag get a virtual shelf of additional content, including videos, PDFs, podcasts, and more.


Leverage Your Image

When you have the visual appeal of Ciara, flaunting it on a Tag makes a huge impression. Who wouldn’t scan a photo like this to see what’s on the other side? (If you want to watch an exclusive video or get Ciara on your voicemail, scan the Tag!)


Stand out from the Crowd

Americans spend a lot of money on dog food and premium prices don’t seem to hurt sales. But standing out from the other brands is a challenge. With its Tag campaign, Iams put eye-catching images on the product packages and served up detailed product information right when it mattered most: as customers were choosing which bag to grab.


Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience


Learn More: Creating and Using Tags

Our Implementation Guide covers the nitty-gritty of using Tag