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Why Use Tag?


That’s easy. Because no matter what size business and budget you have, it can help you succeed. Bring your offline materials to life with a single, free source to develop, manage, and measure campaigns that’s easy for you and your customers. Create pretty much any kind of digital experience you can imagine – from simple messages and contact info to websites, videos, and app downloads. Start fine-tuning the experience the minute it’s out the door using customer insights from real-time metrics.

Overall, we think you’ll be impressed. You get big-marketing muscle, flexibility, and control without a big-marketing budget.

Six Reasons to Use Microsoft Tag

1. Seize the moment

Without mobile marketing, your offline materials have to work extra hard to nudge your customer toward making a purchase. Make them interactive, and your call to action becomes instantly actionable. You can strike up an online conversation the second you catch someone’s eye.

2. Keep it simple – for everyone

With the Microsoft Tag solution, you can extend your marketing to mobile phones with just two simple tools: Tag Manager and the Tag app. As a marketer, you can use Tag Manager to create Tag barcodes, QR Codes, and NFC URLs, and run reports showing when and where they’re being used. The free Tag app is the only reader your customers need to scan the most popular 2D barcode formats in market, they don’t have to download and keep track of several readers.

3. Stretch your dollar

Since Tag is free, you can add a compelling mobile experience to your marketing at little or no cost. Experiment all you want, with a comprehensive set of features that can make all your offline materials work twice as hard. From Tag barcodes to NFC, try out different technologies and customer experiences without a huge up-front investment. It’s not free money, but it’s close.

4. Dive into the data

Measuring the effectiveness of offline materials can be tricky. No more. Tag delivers tons of customer engagement metrics that show when, where, and how often people are scanning. Want to drill even deeper? Import the data into your existing reporting systems.

5. Create flexible designs and experiences

Design campaigns that fit your brand with your choice of recognition technologies, creative options, and customer experiences. Capture your savvy customers’ attention with the latest recognition technologies. Add that personal touch – and increase sales – by customizing your mobile content based on a consumer's location or by recognizing multiple scans from their smartphone.

6. Take complete charge of your

With the Tag solution you can craft your entire brand experience and tailor your campaign with fine-tuned control. Design and create your own materials, manage and monitor your campaign yourself, and update content as often as you like. You get all this power with the ease that makes mobile marketing a straightforward addition to your campaigns.


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