What Does Fashion Have to Do with Tagging?

Holly Richmond
Monday, May 02, 2011 at 11:00 AM
How mobile tagging can improve fashion shows.



Blame it on the buzz about Kate Middleton's dress, but I have fashion on the brain. And it so happens that Seattle Fashion Week is coming up May 4 through 15 ("Fashion Week-and-a-Half" wasn't as catchy). What in good glory does this have to do with mobile tagging, you ask?


Excellent question. Just a couple of months ago, London Fashion Week worked with the digital agency Skive to incorporate Tags into their promo materials:


"[The British Fashion Council] printed the codes on tickets, flyers and posters. Which allowed users to get real-time show and event schedule[s]. The Microsoft Tags were also displayed on big outdoor screens, bringing print and outdoor efforts mobile. Best of all the Tags provided the British Fashion Council with invaluable analytics normally unattainable from offline media."


The London Fashion Week crew announced their use of Tag in a press release and on their site with instructions for using it. The mobile experience also gave attendees a heads-up if fashion shows were running late. How many times have you been to an event or conference where certain sessions were rescheduled or cancelled? It can be frustrating – but using Tag means fashion-show planners can get up-to-the-minute schedules directly into the hands of attendees. Pretty chic, no? 


London Fashion Week Tag


What about Tags used in the actual clothes, like fashion designer Rachel Roy did? Stay tuned for an upcoming slideshow of the best barcode fashion here on the Tag blog. Update: Check out our slideshow of barcode fashion!


Do you think mobile tagging improves events like fashion shows? Fashion Week made a great show of Tag, but did they miss any ideas? Voice your opinion in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter


Original photo: Jon Jordan via Flickr



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