UNICEF Raises Funds Using Tag

Abby Wolfe
Thursday, Mar 24, 2011 at 3:00 AM
PSFK and UNICEF announce winning concepts for fund-raising ideas using Microsoft Tag.



What if you could help a child in need simply by scanning a Microsoft Tag at the supermarket with your mobile phone? Or provide clean water to a third-world community by snapping a Tag on your office water cooler?


When marketing-trend company PSFK released its Future of Mobile Tagging report in January, it partnered with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to challenge design agencies around the world to create innovative fund-raising campaigns using Microsoft Tag.


“We love PSFK and Microsoft Tag for bringing so much creative brainpower to our fund-raising challenges,” says Kelli Peterson, director of Corporate Partnership Development at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “Not only did we get a treasure chest of fun ideas that we’re already running with, but the concepts are smart, intuitive and easy to implement — a tribute to the Microsoft Tag technology.”


Today, PSFK and UNICEF announced that WABI-SABI Inspiration Lab’s “1x2” concept won for its simplistic, thoughtful integration of Tag and scalability.


WABI-SABI’s 1x2 campaign turns the typical “buy one, get one free” supermarket sale into a fund-raising opportunity for UNICEF, connecting people to the realities of childhood hunger and encouraging easy action using their mobile phones. Shoppers scan a Microsoft Tag on products such as milk, water, books, medicines, or clothes, and are prompted to donate the monetary equivalent of a second item to support a child in need. They’ll also be encouraged to share their activity through social networks to encourage others to donate.


PSFK also posted the top 10 concepts and asked readers and event attendees to vote for their favorite. As reported in MediaPost's coverage of the contest, the “people’s choice” was advertising agency BBH’s concept to raise women’s rights awareness through the use of Microsoft Tags on clothing.


“People can now harness the power of their mobile phones to help ‘do good’ in the world, and this creative contest brought out many compelling ways to do so,” says Marja Koopmans, general manager of marketing for Microsoft’s Startup Business Group. “We’re delighted that Tag can play an inventive role in UNICEF’s fund-raising efforts.”


What do you think of the winning concepts?  Will they encourage you to donate to UNICEF programs? Are there other ideas that'd help drive donations? Let us know in the Comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.






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