Target Marketing at its Most Functional

Treena Colby
Tuesday, Aug 02, 2011 at 11:00 AM

You are a gal or guy on the go. You have a stack of bills a mile high. You have no time to organize your life, much less read your mail or navigate a website to get what you need. You are the perfect target audience for the latest Bank of America marketing campaign.

Bank of America image

When the second largest bank in the United States decided to promote its new Mobile Banking App for the Windows Phone to more than 20 million customers, they understood not only what messaging would work, but also that the functionality of their marketing campaign should take precedence. By using Microsoft Tag, Bank of America was able to create a Tag that blended perfectly with their corporate branding and made it super easy for users to learn more and sign up.

After scanning the Tag, users are directed to the exact website where they need to go to understand the app and download it. No wasted clicks; no wasted time. Now, if the app could also organize your life and give you more time in the day... Well, actually, it does.

How would you use Microsoft Tag to reach tech-savvy and time pressed users? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.



Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience



Capture customers in the moment and bring printed materials to life



Tag lets you engage people anytime, anywhere, from magazine ads to store aisles

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