Tag’s Got Game

Jackie Micucci
Monday, Aug 08, 2011 at 10:00 AM

When it comes to sports, fans like nothing more—besides watching the actual games—than devouring facts, figures and other information about their favorite players and teams. Even the non-sporting sports events are, well, events. Witness: the NBA Draft.

basketball image 

The draft, which is when the league’s 30 teams get together to draft eligible players (from college and abroad), is quite the big deal. Sports Illustrated runs a special issue devoted entirely to the draft and this year they got an assist from Microsoft Tag. The issue included a Tag that resolved to an exclusive video of the NBA Draft’s five most intriguing players. So not only did readers get to peruse SI’s pages for stats and profiles, but they also got to see some of basketball’s top young players in action. Now that’s what we call making pages come to life.

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