Tag Goes Surfing with Fresh Pineapples

Rachel Tamigniaux
Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011 at 3:55 PM
How a surfboard company is using Microsoft Tag on boards.



The California-based surfboard company Fresh Pineapples has been putting Microsoft Tag to use in an interesting way: right smack in the middle of their surfboards. Partnered with the company 3KEYMEDIA, Fresh Pineapples has introduced this exciting digital aspect to their business to solve a number of intriguing problems.


Gary Strahle with 3KEYMEDIA says that Tag has been a major enhancement to their product line. They're using Tag technology to register, authenticate, and share their products individually through the use of a new third-party website, Surfboard Standard. This website provides essential platforms, methods, and management tools to effectively protect their products.


The Tags link to information about each unique board, including dimensions and specifications as well as information about other products, the company, and even provide access to videos. Check it out:



Tag has provided a better solution for Fresh Pineapples business than other barcode options have. According to Gary, “the quality and performance of the high capacity color barcodes enable us to embed them into our products and customize the appearance. We love using the Tag because of the seamless integration and developer tools offered to help us better manage the flow of our operations.”


They have also implemented Tag technology into the Buyer's Guide of Surfer Magazine as well as on marketing materials like flyers and cards. For an upcoming feature in Surfer Magazine, Fresh Pineapples discuss their use of Tag, and so far the response has been "tremendous."



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