"Switched at Birth" Tags Scavenger Hunt

Treena Colby
Thursday, Jun 16, 2011 at 5:07 PM
ABC Family uses Microsoft Tag to promote Switched at Birth.

To promote its upcoming TV series "Switched at Birth", ABC Family created an online scavenger hunt using Microsoft Tag. The “Switched at Birth: Hunt for the Code” game gave clues to players so they could find a character’s stencil art, which was actually a series of Tags. Once the Tags were found, players scanned them for exclusive content from the upcoming show. Ten clues were revealed over five days, and each clue was hidden on a different website.





There were two letters under each stencil art Tag, and players needed to collect all 20 letters from the 10 different sites to put together a secret code. The first fan to combine the letters in order and enter the secret password on ABC Family's website won a cool $4,000.






The clues, Tags, and overall campaign engaged players over several days, involved several different websites, and showed several upcoming clips to the new series. The game was a great way to create buzz and introduce the TV series and its characters in a fun way. And who doesn’t like a chance at winning four grand?

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