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Rachel Tamigniaux
Tuesday, Jun 07, 2011 at 1:36 PM
How Microsoft Tag is being used in invoices and CD cases thanks to one developer.



We recently heard from JayCee Botha, an entrepreneur and software developer from South Africa who has been using Microsoft Tag in a number of interesting ways as an entrepreneur and software developer.

In his first example of how he has put Tag to work, Botha discussed how he integrated Tag into one of his clients’ accounting software programs (INSTAC). Designed as a solution to a previously limiting invoice and statement module for a website aimed at car dealers, Tag simplifies and adds serious functionality to the program. By creating a unique, permanent Tag for each of the websites’ dealers, the user is allowed to capture invoice and payment details against a dealer’s account. Each dealer is assigned their own unique Tag, which is included in the format of the invoices. These Tags never expire because the information linked to the Tags is updated automatically, so users can scan an old invoice to get up to the minute information on transactions and the amount due.

As the created database is updated, the software creates data for mini-statements, which in turn update the relevant Tag. Dealers can take any invoice at hand, scan the Tag, and see the most current statement information and amounts, all on a mobile device. As Botha puts it, “No websites, no hassles.” He continues, “What I like about Microsoft Tags that sets it apart from QR codes and similar 2D images is the great content management functionality. In my view it’s the one feature that people either do not really know about, or do not utilize to its full potential at this point in time.” He hopes to use Tag in software in a way that will help people realize and appreciate the functionality of the tool.

Botha has used Tag’s easy and accessible content management quality in other software applications as well. He has developed a number of Tag-focused media for local singers, artists, and other entertainers in South Africa. Printing Tags inside artists’ CD covers and other promotional media, the applications can update tour dates automatically so that fans can always stay up to the minute on their favorite local entertainers from their mobile phones.

What do you think of how Botha is using Tag? Let us know in the comments below, or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

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  • JayCee

    09/22/2011 , 12:46 PM
    More on how I utilized it for Artists CD Covers for Tour Dates and promotional materials on this link : http://tag.microsoft.com/community/blog/t/developer_builds_elegant_tag_manager.aspx?category=entertainment



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