South Africa’s Largest Magazine Tags Its Content

Abby Wolfe
Tuesday, Feb 01, 2011 at 12:00 PM
Huisgenoot uses Microsoft Tag to enhance magazine content.

To kick off the New Year, Huisgenoot magazine added new depth to its weekly content with Microsoft Tag.

The first issue had more than 30 Tags scattered throughout the magazine. A Tag on the cover photograph of model Lee-Ann Liebenberg linked to a video chat. A Tag in the teen section played part of Taylor Swift’s latest single. Other Tags linked to video clips, computer wallpaper, and more.

Huisgenoot (Afrikaans for “House Companion”) has the largest circulation (>2 million) of any South African magazine, and is produced by Media24, Africa’s leading publisher.

The enhanced content provided by Tag prompted one reader to comment: “This is the best thing ever for a magazine! Hope the other magazines can also get. I hope we can use these Tags each week.”

Would you like to see your favorite publications offer Tags to link magazine content to digital media? Let us know in the Comments below, or on Tag's Facebook or Twitter pages.



Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience



Capture customers in the moment and bring printed materials to life



Tag lets you engage people anytime, anywhere, from magazine ads to store aisles

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