Seen a Tag Higher Than 10,450 Feet?

Caroline Gilmour
Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011 at 10:00 AM
The highest known Tag is at Jackson Hole...can you top that?

Jackson Hole Mountain


We’re setting a challenge to find the highest Microsoft Tag. If you think you’ve got what it takes, let us know and you could appear right here on the Tag blog.


Microsoft Tag works at both the highest altitudes and the lowest depths (subject to smartphone pressure and water resistance, naturally). If Tag had existed a century ago, no doubt it would have been used by both Phileas Fogg and Captain Nemo for balloon and submarine activities. But that’s merely speculation. We do know one thing for sure, and that is that one of the highest Tags is currently located in Wyoming at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, whose highest elevation is 10,450 feet.


Why go high with Microsoft Tag? Well, Tag is great for providing dynamic information in rugged outdoor environments. At Jackson Hole, the primary activities are skiing and snowboarding, and snow lovers need to know exactly what kind of conditions they’re going to get on any given day.


The resort is extensive, with two mountains, 2,500 acres of in-bounds terrain and 116 named trails for skiers and snowboarders to choose from. That’s a lot of space. Providing guests with useful information when they’re already out and about can be tough using only traditional methods such as static signs and guides.


The Jackson Hole Tags are located at various skier-friendly locations, such as the top and bottom of lifts and on all trail maps. Guests can scan the code and grab the latest news such as which slopes have been groomed and which haven’t, trail status, and other environmental information that will help them judge where to go and when. Best of all, the Tag gives guests access to web cams so they can see what’s happening at other parts of the resort before they even go there.


The Tags are also used by Jackson Hole hosts to provide guests with up-to-date news and guidance. The hosts in particular have found them invaluable. Says Niall Bouzon, digital marketing manager, who implemented the Tags: “We’ve had the Tag since late November, which is the start of the season for us, but the feedback has already been great from the hosts. The Tags are just a really quick and useful way to get data.”


Jackson Hole Microsoft Tag


While some mobile applications can lead to problems of platform compatibility, Microsoft Tag, in contrast, has helped the resort send information to all kinds of smartphone users. Says Niall: “A lot of our guests are from the East Coast or LA; they’re very tech savvy and are used to using their phones to get local information. The Tags are available to a whole range of or guests, not just iPhone users for example. And because Microsoft Tag has analytics incorporated, we can see how popular the Tags are and who’s using them where.”


The resort intends to add more content to the Microsoft Tag in the near future, such as happy hour specials and deals of the day. Jackson Hole also runs a mountain festival and is considering creating an on-mountain scavenger hunt using Microsoft Tag. “Our guests appreciate extra content and services that don’t always have a dollar sign at the end of them,” says Niall. “You know, the fun stuff.”


We think there must be higher Tags out there, and we want to hear about them. Have you used a Tag at a higher altitude? If you have, let us know and we’ll feature you here on the blog! And no matter where you used a Tag, can you think of a better idea for delighting guests with Tag? Get in touch in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.



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