Seeing Green

Andrew Kaplan
Monday, Aug 29, 2011 at 10:00 AM

In an effort to drum up anticipation for its summer blockbuster “Green Lantern,” Warner Brothers recently launched a special Microsoft-Tag based promotion at one of Mexico’s largest IT conferences. The mobile phone-based promotion, called Green Tag Quest, was done in conjunction with Telefonica, one of Mexico’s biggest telecommunications companies, which was also looking to promote its Movistar mobile phone platform and an accompanying rewards program, Club Movistar.

Green Tag Quest image

In order to win prizes ranging from Green Lantern-themed clothing to Xboxes, attendees at Campus Party, Mexico’s largest annual gathering of IT professionals, were sent on a hunt for 40 special Tags hidden around the convention bearing the Green Lantern character. With each Tag scan, they had the chance to win a coupon later redeemable for one of the prizes.

Whether the participants are IT professionals, comic book enthusiasts or hair care professionals, Tag is a great way to generate excitement at a conference. A Tag game or scavenger hunt can create a more social environment for users both on and offline.

By the time the one-week Campus Party event concluded, about 2,000 of the 7,000 attendees had participated in the Quest, with participants scanning an average of three to five Tags each.

“Firstly Telefonica wanted to know how many of that 7,000 attendees actually use their telephone system,” says Daniel Novelo, CEO of Extend Solutions, the IT company that built the engine behind and designed the Tag-based promotion. Of the 2,000 participants, it turned out only about 30 percent were Telefonica subscribers, a valuable piece of information for the phone company.

Also, by using the Windows Azure platform to design the Tag-based Quest, Extend Solutions was able to take advantage of an impressive amount of customization for the promotion. “The best prizes were intended to be delivered only to Telefonica users so we coded that in the Windows Azure application,” Novelo says. “And we coded it so that special prizes from Warner Brothers would be delivered during a special preview of the ‘Green Lantern’ movie.”

Novelo says the promotion was so popular that during the event other companies approached the promotion’s organizers to become sponsors. For example, he says, Volaris Airlines joined the promotion to give away tickets for a beach vacation.

Telefonica is a premiere sponsor of Campus Party events worldwide. Aside from finding out what percentage of the Mexican event’s attendees were Movistar subscribers, they were also able to learn the different mobile phones being used, the version of the operating systems and demographic information like ages and gender of the users. “We created a very rich set of reports of the user base based on our data mining capabilities,” says Novelo.

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