Revving Up the Mobile Experience

Jackie Micucci
Friday, Nov 04, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Microsoft Tag has gotten into the driver’s seat to help steer a number of successful mobile initiatives for car brands. But this time it’s a dealership that has adopted Tag in a major way to really drive engagement with their customers.

Infiniti Mailer image

Kuni Westside Infiniti in Lynnwood, Wash. has put Tags on everything from mailers and service appointment flyers to their website and TV commercials. The idea was the brainchild of Chris Hatch, an employee of Kuni Westside. “We’ve been open less than a year, so we’re pretty new,” he explains. This gave him the unique opportunity to try something a little different. “ I had seen both QR codes and Tags, and I determined this was something I wanted to do. I thought it was a good way to show facts or video about the cars when they were on the lot.”

Hatch soon realized he could do even more than that with Tag. “They could be used on vCards and to do some amazing things like automatic calling,” he notes. In fact, Hatch even put a Tag on the TV in the showroom that resolves to an alphabetical channel guide so waiting customers know what channel and programming is playing.

Besides its versatility, Hatch also liked the various ways Tag can measure scan results. “The tracking capabilities were huge for me,” he says. “I like the speed of scanning, how small the Tags can be and still scan.” He adds he also liked the idea of supporting a local company. (Microsoft is based in Redmond, Wash., which means many of the MS employees coming into the showroom would already know what Tag is and can do.)

Customers at Kuni Westside have responded well to the Tagged dealership. “The Infiniti buyer is very tech savvy, about 30- to 40-years old and always watching for technological advances,” says Hatch. “It’s a conversation starter. We set up their first service appointment through a Tag.”

In general, car buyers expect more technology-savvy experiences from dealers. According to a study by Brand Anywhere and Luth Research, 88% of U.S. mobile phone users are more likely to buy from an auto dealer who has a mobile website. “You need a customized mobile experience for your customers,” says Hatch. And Microsoft Tag has helped in accelerating Kuni Westside Infiniti’s engagement with their customers both on and offline.

What other innovative ways could Tag be used to provide customers with pertinent information? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.



Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience



Capture customers in the moment and bring printed materials to life



Tag lets you engage people anytime, anywhere, from magazine ads to store aisles

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