"Priest" Uses Tag for Animated Prologue

Holly Richmond
Thursday, Apr 28, 2011 at 10:00 AM
How the action movie is using Microsoft Tag in promotions.

Priest Movie Standup


"Priest's" marketing team is here for you. They know you're feeling alone in the world, unable to find anyone to answer your questions like "What is that 'Priest' movie? Is it about celibacy? Is it somehow related to 'The Da Vinci Code'?" (Maybe that's just me.) Thankfully, there's a Tag on the film's stand-up promo material to connect fans with more context.


The film, a "Western-fused post-apocalyptic thriller" coming out May 13, stars Paul Bettany (I knew this movie had a connection to "The Da Vinci Code"), Cam Gigandet of "Twilight" and "The O.C.," not that you or I have watched those, and Maggie Q of the recent "La Femme Nikita" TV reboot. Scanning the Tag takes users to a three-minute animated prologue that Genndy Tartakovsky created to provide some back story for the movie. As many films use Tag to link to trailers ("Bad Teacher," "Battle Los Angeles," and "Bridesmaids" in recent weeks), giving people bonus material that isn't part of the movie is a creative way to pique their interest.


Watch the animated prologue:


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