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Andrew Kaplan
Wednesday, Sep 07, 2011 at 2:00 PM

Remember when pretty much all you could do with a photo was put it in an album or hang it in a picture frame? Seems like ancient history, right? Well, what if I was to tell you that photography is about to take another great leap forward thanks in part to Kodak’s innovative use of Microsoft Tag?

Kodak image

Visual is not a representation of Microsoft Tag placement on actual packaging

Today, Kodak launched its Email Print Service, which, like the name suggests, allows you to email your Kodak printer anywhere in the world from your laptop, smartphone or tablet, and have it print out your photo or document. “If somebody sends photos or documents to your smartphone and you want to print them, simply forward the documents onto your printer and they will print out,” explains Jean-Henri Cote, Kodak Inkjet Systems Software and Connectivity Product Manager. “So it’s printing without needing a PC or a driver.”

One of the questions Kodak faced with the new service was figuring out a way for users to easily store the alpha-numerics of their printers on their smartphones. Tag helped solve that problem. All users need to do is scan a Tag that is printed by their Kodak printer once it has been registered on the Email Print service, or scan a Tag on kodakeprint.com, and the printer’s email address is automatically stored in their smartphone’s contacts database. “So that gets that email address onto your contacts of your mobile device very quickly and easily,” says Cote.

Also, anyone who has ever used a computer printer knows that it can be a chore to remember what type of ink it needs. Well, once again, thanks to Kodak’s use of Tag, problem solved. Along with the email address of the printer, the scan of the Tag also uploads to the smartphone’s contacts the type of ink the printer needs along with a link to ink.kodak.com where users can learn more about Kodak inks and even buy refills straight from the mobile device.

Along with the debut of Kodak’s Email Print Service, the company will also now include Tags on all printer packaging and also on in-store displays. Scanning the Tags takes shoppers with smartphones to micro-sites with additional information about the products, including a video that walks them through the major features and why they should buy it.

These are actually just the latest uses of Tag by Kodak. The company has offered a mobile app called Pic Flick that enables smartphone users to print any photo from their mobile devices wirelessly to their printers. Tag is being used on the Pic Flick web page to enable users to easily download the app with just a scan of the Tags. “Basically you scan the Tag and it will bring up the application on your mobile device so you can install it,” explains Cote.

Kodak says it has more innovative uses of Tag to come so stay tuned. Oh, and don’t forget to say “Cheese.”

What other ways can Tag be used as a virtual office assistant? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Abhishek Singh

    09/21/2011 , 6:24 AM
    this technology is too good
  • Karla Arostegui

    09/21/2011 , 6:33 AM
    I really like the new posibilites Kodak is giving users. So far only one other printer manufacturer was doing so and not all people use their printers so this opens up the availability of emailing your prints and photos and makes printing easier. Kuddos to Kodak!



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