Oprah Fans Scan Tag to Win Trip

Holly Richmond
Thursday, Jun 16, 2011 at 11:00 AM
O Magazine readers can win a trip to the O You! conference by scanning a Tag.

Oprah magazine

I know, I know. Oprah's show just ended and you're feeling a little...lost. Cheer up, frownypants! Not only is her annual lifestyle seminar, O You!, coming up in October, but Oprah devotees recently had the chance to score a free ticket (regularly $125) by scanning a Tag.

Oprahphiles who scan the Tag in her magazine, O, are connected with a mobile site with more info about the event, including (of course) entering to win a free ticket, airfare, and lodging to O You! The event is a one-day paean to "living your best life," and attendees will converge on Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center to hear speakers like Dr. Oz and financial expert Suze Orman. (Strangely, Oprah herself won't be there.)

Readers who scan the Tag can also enter another contest to win a $250,000 home renovation. Oh, Oprah. Always so generous.

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