Mary Kay gets creative with business cards.

Nick Martin
Thursday, Jul 14, 2011 at 4:05 PM

Business cards have been a popular way for just about anyone to use Tag. Generally, people like to link their Tag to a vCard which allows the person scanning to quickly upload all the relevant contact information to their mobile contacts in seconds. While most of us probably think of business cards as a convenient tool for networking, Mary Kay saw the opportunity to transform the cards into a marketing tool.

Tag on Busines Card

To help market their new line of TimeWise foundation, the company opted to use Tag on business cards to connect prospective customers with online video that included makeup tips, products, and free online tools. By doing so Mary Kay was able to extend the reach of content they already invested in and measure the effectiveness of the tactic through Tag Manager reporting. As a result of the tactic's success, 2,000 sets of cards have been sold since their introduction with no signs of slowing down.

Mary Kay Video content

Why was this so effective? By surprising users with great content and the chance to discover something new, curious scanners get a satisfying experience that makes them feel more connected to the brand. The technique won Mary Kay more than just new business,  it netted the company the Technology Innovation award from the Direct Selling Association which "recognizes companies that have developed an innovative use of technology that had a significant impact on business and/or the field sellers."

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