Kwik Fill Pumps Up its Sweepstakes with Tag

Treena Colby
Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011 at 4:10 PM

Safety experts tell you not to use your cell phone while pumping gas, but we assure you that scanning Microsoft Tags on your smartphone is safe while at the pump. Fuel service company Kwik Fill is employing Microsoft Tags at pump stations, on window signs and on freestanding signage in their 291 stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio to promote of their “Drive America & Win!” giveaway. In addition, Kwik Fill is hosting nine major summer events, all devoted to the sweepstakes.

Kwik Fill

Scanning the Tag to sign up for the sweepstakes is faster than a NASCAR pit stop. After scanning, users are directed to the Kwik Fill home page. On the home page, there is a link to the contest, where users can register, find stores and can easily enter their game card codes and see if they have won. But, what is the best use of Tag in the sweepstakes? Well, how about a Tagged Camaro and Harley Davidson as the grand prizes.

Kwik Fill has been running this giveaway for three years and 2011 is the first year of using Microsoft Tags in promotional materials. After seeing Tag’s impact, Kwik Fill is going to change the language to “Scan and Win” for the second printing of this year’s campaign materials.

What do you think of Kwik Fill’s use of Tag for its sweepstakes? Let us know with your comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Ray Miller

    09/02/2011 , 5:51 PM
    good service and nice that they are giving people a chance to win things



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