How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Campaign a Winner

Jackie Micucci
Thursday, Oct 27, 2011 at 11:00 AM

We have garnered some awards here at Microsoft Tag for a few of our mobile marketing campaigns. While it’s great to win silverware and it certainly looks nice in the old trophy case, there is a reason why these campaigns have been recognized. So we decided to take a look at just what made these initiatives successful enough to be recognized in the mobile marketing community.


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Holland America

The cruise line launched an innovative marketing campaign incorporating Microsoft Tag that earned Travel Weekly’s Magellan Gold Award in the Web Marketing/Advertising category. The mobile campaign was designed to encourage consumer engagement and social sharing of Holland America cruise information by building on its print advertising via a web-based interactive experience.

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Why it Worked

Holland America placed Tags in its brochures and print ads that transported travelers to a mobile site with videos of onboard activities, from dining to night clubs. The campaign set about bringing the cruise experience to life so potential customers could be emerged into the total brand experience.

“It’s one thing to read about the various dining options you have on a cruise and see beautiful photo examples of the food,” Sally Andrews, vice president of public relations at Holland America said in a Mobile Marketer interview. “It’s a different experience entirely to hear the Master Chef talking about the culinary offering, our newly formed Culinary Council of world-renowned chefs, and to see the kitchen and dining venues in a video.”

Martha Stewart Weddings

The magazine’s Tag “Scan to Win” campaign won the prize for Most Creative Use of New Technology at Min’s Integrated Marketing Awards. For the Martha Stewart Weddings’ promotion, readers scanned customized Tags on ads in the Fall 2010 issue that resolved to the mobile web pages of the 14 participating sponsors. With each unique scan readers were entered to win a prize, including $1,000 plus personal consultation from the magazine staff. Advertisers also could create their own sweepstakes and the campaign was promoted in the front of the book.

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Why it Worked

Martha Stewart Weddings didn’t just slap a bunch of Tags on the pages of its publication and hope for the best. The magazine included a two-page spread that gave all the details about the contest—how to download the Tag app, how to enter to win, as well as explaining how readers needed to scan and find the Tagged ads. The magazine also created a custom Tag to complement the feel of the issue. Last, but not least, the scanned Tags resolved to a mobile-optimized entry form.

The four-month program yielded almost 38,000 scans, which was nearly four times the amount that was predicted. Martha Stewart Weddings was so happy with the results it is currently repeating the campaign this fall.

Mary Kay

The cosmetics company won the Technology Innovation award from the Direct Selling Association, which “recognizes companies that have developed an innovative use of technology that had a significant impact on business and/or the field sellers,” for its great implementation on business cards. Generally, people like to link their Tag to a vCard that will allow the person who is scanning it to quickly upload all the relevant information to their mobile contacts in seconds. Mary Kay took the vCard to the next level by seizing the opportunity to transform the cards into a marketing tool.

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Why it Worked

To help market their new line of TimeWise foundation, Mary Kay opted to use Tag on business cards to connect prospective customers with online video that included makeup tips, products and free online tools. By doing so Mary Kay was able to extend the reach of content they already invested in and measure the effectiveness of the tactic through Tag Manager reporting. As a result of initiative’s success, 2,000 sets of cards were sold soon after their introduction with no signs of slowing down.

By creating an overall satisfying experience for users with great content paired with the chance to discover something new, scanners also felt more connected to the brand.

What do you think makes a mobile marketing campaign a real winner? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Annette

    10/28/2011 , 1:15 PM
    Wondering how small businesses using the "tag." Real estate agents are very slow here to use it on their "For Sale" signs at this point Would like more ideas for small businesses.



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