Herff Jones uses Tag to extend yearbook memories

Nicole Peterson
Tuesday, Jul 12, 2011 at 3:29 PM
Thanks to Herff Jones, tomorrow’s graduates may start seeing Tags next to “Have a great summer!” in their yearbooks.


Herff Jones and Tag

The almost 100-year-old school memorabilia company is fusing the venerable school yearbook with a cutting-edge mobile experience. Some schools already have started placing Tags next to photos of events like pep rallies, which then play a video of the event on the reader’s phone. Down the road, schools can use Tags to link a student’s yearbook picture to his or her profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Classmates.com.

Herff Jones is working with students and editors to pioneer one of the first yearbook implementations of Tag. Throughout the school year, representatives from the company meet with students and yearbook staff at journalism conventions, teaching them how to structure the annual publication so it will be educational, award-winning -- and now, mobile-ready. Herff Jones chose Tag over other barcode technologies because of its ability to be visually tailored, complementing the overall yearbook design.

“Tags are...designed well,” said Matt Leighton, Lead Product Development Specialist at Herff Jones. Other QR solutions were “too barcode-looking, [but] Tags had a better visual feel,” he said, adding that Tag “allows you to customize more than QR.”

Herff Jones also incorporates five to six Tags in their direct mail catalogs, which have a circulation of about 15,000. The Tags link to photos, videos, and downloads like PDFs and white papers, simultaneously engaging customers and saving the company money on printing. The company plans to create an even more Tag-rich environment by increasing the number of Tags in each issue.

Recent Comments
  • Bert Heymans

    07/24/2011 , 3:14 AM
    I'm curious to what he felt was more customizable with Microsoft tags, visually there's a color restriction rather than just a contrast restriction.
  • Andrea Walker

    10/04/2011 , 3:23 PM
    We just started using these in our yearbook today! A great idea!



Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience



Capture customers in the moment and bring printed materials to life



Tag lets you engage people anytime, anywhere, from magazine ads to store aisles

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