Herbal Essences Tags Product Displays

Abby Wolfe
Wednesday, Mar 02, 2011 at 12:00 AM
Microsoft Tags on shelf displays help shoppers find the right Herbal hair product.

Herbal Essence Tag Shelf Talker


Ever had trouble deciding which product is right for you when faced with an aisle of options? Herbal Essences discovered this dilemma was a key purchase barrier for potential customers, so as part of its recent brand relaunch, the company created an innovative campaign that helps answer the question, “Which Herbal product is right for my hair?”


At more than 53,000 retail stores across North America, Herbal products have a “shelf talker” highlighting the key benefit of each product line. Even better, the display includes a Microsoft Tag. Shoppers can use their smartphones right at the shelf to scan the Tag and visit Herbal’s mobile site, which provides full product details, along with user reviews, quizzes, and hair tips. The mobile site can even be toggled to Spanish for Hispanic customers.

Herbal Essences Tag mobile site


In Mobile Marketer’s report on the Herbal Essences campaign, spokesman Justin Sparks said: “[Customers] are already using their smartphones to look up information on products as they shop in-store, so we want to use the mobile Tag to give them easy access to information on the products they're looking for.”


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