Going Camping with Coleman and Tag

Holly Richmond
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 11:00 AM
How the outdoor retailer's app makes campground cooking easier.

Coleman Cooking App

What's the original social networking site? Nope, not Facebook. It's...a campfire? At least that's what outdoor company Coleman asserts in an ad on the back of the KOA (Kampgrounds of America) directory. (People get together around campfires, talk, poke each other, etc.)


If campers need a break from scouring the nearly 500 North America campsites in the directory, they can scan Coleman's colorful Tag, which lets users download the Coleman Camping Cookbook app so they have grilling recipes on the road. The app suggests meals and helps people plan them with grocery lists, or build a meal around ingredients they already have. Smart placement, since once you choose your campsite, thoughts turn to who's going to pick up the hot dog buns and what in the world to make for breakfast.


Coleman KOA Ad


The KOA directory also uses a ton of Tags inside (almost 500 – one for every campsite) to connect campers with maps, directions, and videos of the campsites. KOA's Vice President of Communications told Tag earlier this year, "We chose the Microsoft Tag technology because we are quickly able to change a Tag’s destination on the internet, if need be. Tags allow us to keep the experience fresh for our campers." If you've ever driven miles and miles on a bumpy gravel road to find yourself at a campground with an out-of-order bathroom, you can appreciate that.


Would you scan Coleman's Tag to get campfire recipes, or is beans out of a can more your thing? Are there other Tag ideas that'd make you head for the woods? Comment below or tell us on Facebook or Twitter.



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