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Treena Colby
Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Turin, Italy scored a major marketing victory when they were chosen to host the 2006 Winter Olympics, winning over the overwhelming favorite of Sion, Switzerland. “Passion lives here” was the motto for the city’s Olympic festivities, and Italy’s fourth largest city is continuing to show that passion in its recent marketing campaigns, both involving the use of Microsoft Tag.

Turin image

The industrial and cultural center first used Tags in a citywide tourism campaign, “The Colors of Turin.” Today, building on the first campaign of Tags giving additional historical information on landmarks, Turin created a treasure hunt around the city using Tags, called “Caccia alla Cultura” (translation: hunting the culture). The promotion was over three days from June 30th until July 2nd.

The Tags were used to promote 10 different tourist attractions within the City of Turin. Users were directed to “Frame,” “Scan” and “Discover” the 10 places that each had their own Tag. At each location, there was another Tag to scan. Users scanned those to win prizes by answering questions about the featured attractions.

The makers of the campaign and scavenger hunt, UrbanTAG and mediaKi.it, are also using Tags in several tourism, business, event and social media promotions to creatively engage users in a fun and dynamic way.

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