Barcodes on Gravestones? It's True

Rachel Tamigniaux
Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 9:44 AM
How Tags can connect people with photos and videos of loved ones.




While cemetery headstones have changed little over the years, Seattle company Quiring Monuments has started offering a new approach to remembering our loved ones in a unique and innovative way.


By incorporating mobile 2D barcode technologies like Tag into a new type of headstone, the barcode is capable of connecting people in remembrance in a meaningful and respectful way.


Barcodes on headstones can link to videos or photographs of loved ones, an obituary, family heritage and historical information, comments by friends and relatives, stories, or even a mobile site of a favorite charity if mourners wish to donate in memory. Mobile tagging adds a deeper level of personalization to an otherwise simple marker, providing readers with information about the person who rests beneath the stone, such as who they were, who loved them, and the mark they left on the world.


These memorial barcodes are hardly limited to grave markers. They can be applied to new or existing cemetery headstones, mausoleum shutters, urns, garden benches, or anywhere else that would be appropriate for remembering those we’ve lost. This budding technology provides a fascinating way of immortalizing a life story.


When asked why we would need technology such as this in a cemetery, Dave Quiring, president of Quiring Monuments, put it simply: “Nobody wants to be just another brick in the wall.”


Would you scan a Tag on a loved one's headstone? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


Original photo: Kristian Thogersen via Flickr



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