"Bad Teacher" and "Battle Los Angeles" Get Tags

Rachel Tamigniaux
Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011 at 11:00 AM
Two Sony films use Microsoft Tag on promotional hotel keycards.

Bad Teacher


This spring break has seen an exciting and well-placed Microsoft Tag campaign by Sony Pictures. Sony has been promoting the movies "Bad Teachers" and "Battle Los Angeles" through promotional keycards used in upwards of 100 hotels across Florida and Arizona, two states well known for their spring break destinations. This promotional campaign ran for the whole month, with custom Tags to promote the films printed on the keycards.


Here’s how it worked. While the front of the promotional keycard sported the expected image of the particular movie poster, the back is where things get interesting. Sony Pictures had custom Tags created for both movies, making the Tag more recognizable and relevant to the movie it was promoting. The Tags, once snapped, linked readers’ smartphones directly to a trailer for the movie being advertised.


 Battle Los Angeles


Sony did a great job of targeting a specific group of viewers for this campaign: students on vacation in search of fun and relaxing things to do. They didn’t have to look any further than their smartphones to get the hint.


This promotional campaign also makes use of some creative thinking in terms of placement and visibility of the promotional Tags, since hotel guests got a glimpse of the films’ branding each time they unlocked their rooms. That’s one of the great things about Tag, the flexibility of placement. Take a look at some of our other ideas for insipiration.


Where else do you think a Tag would be surprising and eye-catching? Tell us in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.



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