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Success Stories


Every day, more companies in every business sector are discovering the benefits of going mobile with Microsoft Tag to engage their target audiences, increase brand recognition, and drive sales. In addition, companies already using QR Codes are turning to Tag as a full-marketing solution for their QR Code needs and a way to learn more about incorporating Tag barcodes and NFC Technology into their mobile marketing campaigns. Here are just a few examples we've heard about in the news. For added information, see who’s already using Tag and check out their success stories.

Whole Foods Engages Customers With Tag

Whole Foods Market puts Tags on their signage to engage customers and provide more information about their products.

Tag Goes Shopping 

Dillard’s engages shoppers with a Tag promotion for back-to-school.

Full Engagement

NYX Cosmetics and Sonicare bring user engagement and excitement to their mobile marketing campaigns with Microsoft Tag.

Putting On Your Gamification Face

Two Tag implementations that engaged users with a little mobile social game play.

Building Up

Lowe’s becomes the first retailer to offer integrated Microsoft Tag scanning.

Tags Tell You Where Your Food Came From

Microsoft Tag in the Whole Foods dairy section gives shoppers a very informational experience, explaining the origins and freshness of this farmer's eggs.

Porsche Drives Sales with Tag in Print Ads

What will it take to get you into a car today? Porsche has a good idea: using Tag in ads and at dealerships to bring customers into the showroom and out onto the road.

Duct Tape Prom Dresses and Tag

Here's a sticky way to win a scholarship. With the recession, some teens are making their own dresses or repurposing vintage castoffs...and some are even using duct tape.

Slideshow: The Best Barcode Fashion

Whether you scan them or just admire them from afar, mobile tags could be coming to a closet near you. Take a look at some of the latest in tagged fashion.

Ford and Big 5 Sporting Goods Get Tagged

Have you driven a Tag lately? Bought a hockey stick? Direct mail and point-of-sale strategies put detailed product info into customer's hands to help sell cars and sporting goods.

Italian Liqueur Bottles Sport Tags

Choosing the right beverage is easier thanks to the way the Petrone distillery is using Microsoft Tag. Salute!

Skyy Vodka Tags Its Holiday Party Ideas

During the busy holiday party season, Skyy Vodka drew in customers by offering party-planning ideas and recipes through Tags placed on its print ads and store displays.

Jarden Uses Tag to Update Crock-Pot Brand

JCS added Microsoft Tags to Crock-Pot product packaging to engage shoppers on their mobile devices and drive purchase decisions. And then it upped the ante with a mobile app, a recipe finder for planning meals while on the go.

Jones Apparel Tags Rachel Roy Collection

Microsoft Tags on each piece lead to videos of model Jessica Stam showing ways to wear it, along with fashion tips, product information, and the back story on the line’s creation.

Whole Foods Tags Tasty Recipes

Whole Foods is providing recipes for its delicacies to shoppers through Microsoft Tags placed in stores and transit ads. Shoppers can store the recipes on their smartphones, share them, and have the ingredient lists handy – smart marketing!