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Every day, more companies in every business sector are discovering the benefits of going mobile with Microsoft Tag to engage their target audiences, increase brand recognition, and drive sales. In addition, companies already using QR Codes are turning to Tag as a full-marketing solution for their QR Code needs and a way to learn more about incorporating Tag barcodes and NFC Technology into their mobile marketing campaigns. Here are just a few examples we've heard about in the news. For added information, see who’s already using Tag and check out their success stories.

South Africa’s Largest Magazine Tags Its Content

Huisgenoot magazine added new depth to its weekly content by placing more than 30 Tags throughout the magazine, linked to video clips, music, and more.

Australian Foody Mag Creates Web Portal with Tag

Gram magazine, which covers the lively food culture in Melbourne, Australia, is using Tag throughout the magazine to transform it into a printed portal for the web.

Daily Newspapers Experiment with Tag

Daily newspapers are finding new ways to connect online, real-time news content with their print editions by integrating Microsoft Tag.

Books Go Interactive with Tag

Book publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Loescher, and Publications International are adopting Microsoft Tag to provide instant access to digital content that enhances and expands the printed page.

Loescher Tags Textbooks for Online Learning

Italy's largest textbook publisher added Tags to its tomes so that students can view dynamic educational content on their smartphones instead of lugging heavy books around.

Golf Digest Drives Success with Tag

Video golf lessons in a magazine? Golf Digest hits a hole-in-one by adding Tags to its instructional articles to show – not just tell – readers how to play golf.

Tag Reduces the Stress of Wedding Planning

Get Married magazine uses Microsoft Tag to provide busy brides with smartphone-based intel for organizing every detail of their weddings.

Allure Campaign Achieves Record Results

In past years, Allure magazine used its website as the entry point for its annual "Free Stuff Giveaway" of beauty products, but this year the magazine switched to Tag and mobile phones, resulting in a record number of scans and a 38% increase in entries.

Tag Hears Wedding Bells

Wedding magazines have taken a shine to Microsoft Tag. Get MarriedLong Island Bride and Groom, and now Martha Stewart Weddings are using Tag to help busy brides plan their weddings on the go.

Allure Tags its Free Stuff Giveaway

The magazine has jumped on the mobile bandwagon, using Microsoft Tag as the portal for readers to enter to win prizes in its annual Free Stuff Giveaway.

TV Guide Goes Interactive with Tag

TV Guide is introducing Microsoft Tag to its 15 million readers to bring its entertainment features to life, offering videos of photos shoots, interviews, and behind-the-scenes antics, starting with “The Men of NCIS.”

Entertainment Weekly Previews Movies with Tag

EW’s Summer Movie Preview issue uses Microsoft Tag to show trailers of 16 featured films – including Angelina Jolie in “Salt” – and five advertisers are also using Tag.
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