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Every day, more companies in every business sector are discovering the benefits of going mobile with Microsoft Tag to engage their target audiences, increase brand recognition, and drive sales. In addition, companies already using QR Codes are turning to Tag as a full-marketing solution for their QR Code needs and a way to learn more about incorporating Tag barcodes and NFC Technology into their mobile marketing campaigns. Here are just a few examples we've heard about in the news. For added information, see who’s already using Tag and check out their success stories.

Tag Goes Surfing with Fresh Pineapples

The California-based surfboard company Fresh Pineapples has been putting Microsoft Tag to use in an interesting way: right smack in the middle of their surfboards.

"Switched at Birth" Tags Scavenger Hunt

To promote its upcoming TV series "Switched at Birth", ABC Family created an online scavenger hunt using Microsoft Tag. The game gave clues to players so they could find a character’s stencil art, which was actually a series of Tags.

Oprah Fans Scan Tag to Win Trip

Oprah devotees recently had the chance to score a free ticket to her annual lifestyle seminar by scanning a Tag in O magazine.

Entertain Bored Concertgoers with Tag

Using Microsoft Tag, new company VenueCast found a way to improve what 76% of music lovers say is the worst part of the concert-going experience.

Newest Celeb Using Tag: Justin Bieber

Paramount is using Tags on the Justin Bieber Never Say Never DVD release. Folks who scan the bright purple Tag are rewarded with a video of Bieber singing while suspended mid-air in a purple wire heart (we won’t judge).

Improve Your Golf Swing with Tag

By scanning Tags in The Art of the Swing with their smartphones, golfers get Stan Utley's exclusive videos – and can take them to the green more easily than a hardback.

The Story Behind Del Taco's Tagged Cups

Tags will be printed on millions of cups to be distributed throughout over 500 stores, and they're already planning another Tag campaign.

Video: Italian Web Agency Talks Tag

Turin-based MediaKi is a big fan of Tag. Project Manager Dunja Lavecchia discusses how they’re using Tags in campaigns for tourism and public administration clients.

Retailer Tags Hipsters' Receipts

Junk Skull is adding Tags to customer receipts, and founder Danny Policarpo was kind enough to answer some of my probing questions by email.

Tags at Music Fest Give Show Info and Songs

This year, the Savannah Stopover music festival used Tag to connect concert-goers with show times, venues, and song previews on the fly (who has time to dig out a laptop when you're at a music festival?).

South African Developer Tags Software

We recently heard from JayCee Botha, an entrepreneur and software developer from South Africa who has been using Microsoft Tag in a number of interesting ways as an entrepreneur and software developer.

Forbes Drives Subscriptions with Tag

You might run across a Tag the next time you get that "Time to renew your subscription" letter from Forbes. The company is using Tag in a direct mail campaign to drive subscription extensions.

Health Magazine Gets a Dose of Vitamin T

The magazine’s 17 Tags span both editorial and advertising, with some big-name beauty brands on board, and include a video of country star Miranda Lambert.

Seeing Tags on Your Summer Vacation

Keep your eyes peeled...Your summer travel could include several Tag sightings, such as AquaLung's clever use of Tags on its snorkeling gear packages.

FX Show "Archer" Tags Its Facebook Page

FX's animated spy comedy "Archer" uses Microsoft Tag on its Facebook page so fans can download free wallpapers faster than Archer can point his trigger finger.

Tags Increase Trade Show Interaction

From product details to contact info, how BoothTag gets vendors and attendees talking at conferences and expos. Hint: There's a contest involved!

Baseball Team Goes Nuts for Tag

Tag scores a home run at a recent ballgame. See how the Charleston Riverdogs baseball team and peanut roaster CBs Nuts are using Microsoft Tag in creative promotions.

Indiana Library Tags 20,000 Items

How the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library is using mobile tagging to help customers find books faster.

Silversea Cruises Sets Sail with Tag

Silversea Cruises  is using Tag on the back cover of its 2012 brochure to connect would-be voyagers with video of colorful, exotic destinations and tantalizingly relaxing cruise-ship life.

Erie Brewing Co. Gets Tipsy with Tag

When customers go to grab a bottle, Erie Brewing Co. is grabbing their attention by using Tag on all their new marketing material, from neck labels to promotional posters.
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