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Every day, more companies in every business sector are discovering the benefits of going mobile with Microsoft Tag to engage their target audiences, increase brand recognition, and drive sales. In addition, companies already using QR Codes are turning to Tag as a full-marketing solution for their QR Code needs and a way to learn more about incorporating Tag barcodes and NFC Technology into their mobile marketing campaigns. Here are just a few examples we've heard about in the news. For added information, see who’s already using Tag and check out their success stories.

Tip Your Glass to Tag at the Oregon Brewers Festival

The Oregon Brewers Festival is using Tag to make it simple to find all the info you need about the event's featured beers.

Tag’s Got Mad SKLZ

SKLZ uses Microsoft Tag to help both athletes and non-athletes get the most out of their workouts.

Kwik Fill Pumps Up its Sweepstakes with Tag

Kwik Fill is using Microsoft Tag to rev up its latest “Drive America & Win!” contest by allowing users to enter the sweepstakes when they come into the stations to gas up their vehicles.

Red Plum Tangos with Tag

Red Plum users are doing a happy dance thanks to a cool new Microsoft Tag that allows shoppers to sign up for coupon and freebie alerts.

Nissan targets athletes with Tag.

See how Nissan is using Tag to target athletes in the recent edition of Runners World Magazine.

Porsche uses 2D barcode to drive traffic to dealerships

Porsche is taking the wheel as the first luxury automaker to supplement the information on their cars with Microsoft Tags and mobile optimized microsites.

Mary Kay gets creative with business cards.

While most of us probably think of business cards as a convenient tool for networking, Mary Kay saw the opportunity to transform the cards into a marketing tool.

Kenny Powers Says, "Shut Up and Scan Tags."

This week, the athletic shoe brand K•SWISS is announcing a partnership with Kenny Powers of the HBO show Eastbound & Down for a campaign to promote their new TUBES line of training footwear. And the best part is, they’re using Microsoft Tags to do it.

Herff Jones uses Tag to extend yearbook memories

Learn how Herff Jones is helping students make their school memories last even longer with Tag.

Indian event company adopts Tag

See how eventNu, an Indian event and ticketing company, has been the first of their peers to incorporate Tag into their services and make event check-in and management a breeze.

Independent Publisher Targets Hunters With Tag

With their commitment to reaching members in an exciting range of media outlets and new technologies, the North America Membership Group has turned to Microsoft Tag to provide their readers with a more interactive and more informative reading experience.

Media24 Expands Use of Tag

Media24 is yet another publishing company that has seen the amazing things that Microsoft Tag can do for their business.  Based on the overwhelming success of the use of Tag in their magazine Huisgenoot, Media24 has added Tag campaigns to two more of their publications, YOU and DRUM as of this past May.

Xerox Uses Tag To Show Off

Take a look at what Xerox has dreamt up with the help of Microsoft Tag.  They have created a printer that is capable of so much more than just your everyday printing projects.

Port Townsend Uses Tag, Finalist in 2011 This Place Matters Community Challenge

Port Townsend, WA used Tag on their historic landmarks and was selected as one of 100 finalists in this 2011 This Place Matters Community Challenge.

Tags Demonstrate 4th of July Fireworks

StateLine Fireworks, the Tri-State Area’s largest fireworks dealer since 1982, has created what they’re calling the Microsoft Tag Experience.

Loudbytes Integrates Digital and Retail

Digital music distribution company loudbytes just announced a new service, "Crazy Funnel," that works through point of sale systems, enabling retailers to sell digital music in stores.

Ford: Why Print When You Can Tag?

Ford Motor Company used Microsoft Tag in their customer-focused Spring 2011 “My Ford Magazine,” which is distributed three times a year and reaches 1.1 million readers.

Coke Tags 1.7 Million Cups

It's vacation season, and Coca-Cola has partnered with airport food-service company HMSHost to launch a summer travel sweepstakes complete with Tags.

Why Hearst Tagged 7 Top Magazines

Magazine publisher Hearst is currently using Microsoft Tag in seven of their most popular magazines, as part of an ad to promote Loreal’s “Women of Worth” campaign.

Johnson & Johnson Tags Recycling Program

"Wipe Out Waste" is the aptly titled new initiative in which Johnson & Johnson invites British moms, dads, and diaper-changers to mail in empty baby wipe packages.
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