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Success Stories


Every day, more companies in every business sector are discovering the benefits of going mobile with Microsoft Tag to engage their target audiences, increase brand recognition, and drive sales. In addition, companies already using QR Codes are turning to Tag as a full-marketing solution for their QR Code needs and a way to learn more about incorporating Tag barcodes and NFC Technology into their mobile marketing campaigns. Here are just a few examples we've heard about in the news. For added information, see who’s already using Tag and check out their success stories.

Tag Helps Shape Celebrate 30 with a Successful Contest

Shape magazine uses Microsoft Tag for its 30th anniversary contest, driving nearly 400,000 entries.

Mygazines Teams with Tag to Keep it Mobile

A look at how to use Mygazines paired with Microsoft Tag to make documents mobile.

Tag is Part of Unique Digital Installation

The relationship between memory and data is explored with a little help from Tag at an exhibit in Austin.

Tag Makes the Cut at the Cutlog Art Fair

Artists use custom Tags to allow people to engage with their work during Paris art fair.

Tag Becomes 2D Barcode Standard for Meredith Mags

Meredith Corporation to use Microsoft Tag technology across all its magazine titles.

Whole Foods Engages Customers With Tag

Whole Foods Market puts Tags on their signage to engage customers and provide more information about their products.

Browsing the Magazine Rack

We showcase the latest Microsoft Tag implementations for publications.

Tag Tells Secrets at IAB

Microsoft Tag engaged visitors with a “secret word” game at the IAB Forum.

Revving Up the Mobile Experience

Microsoft Tag helps drive customer engagement for a Washington State car dealership.

Tag Rings in Halloween

UNICEF and Microsoft Tag ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Tag Helps Devices Share

Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship’s Local Map application uses Tag to share its many stories across mobile devices.

How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Campaign a Winner

We take a look at some award-winning Microsoft Tag campaigns and why they were successful implementations.

Tag Hits the Campaign Trail

Microsoft Tag teams up with the League of Women Voters of Florida to help make voting more accessible for Floridians.

A Slapshot for Tag

The Anaheim Ducks score a breakaway by using Microsoft Tag on their tickets.

An Engaging Tag Engagement

Martha Stewart Weddings partners with Tag for the second year in a row for its award-winning  “Scan to Win” campaign.

Tag Goes Shopping 

Dillard’s engages shoppers with a Tag promotion for back-to-school.

Tag Grabs Min Awards

Martha Stewart Weddings’ and Entertainment Weekly’s Microsoft Tag campaigns both receive honors at the Min Integrated Marketing Awards.

Full Engagement

NYX Cosmetics and Sonicare bring user engagement and excitement to their mobile marketing campaigns with Microsoft Tag.

Putting On Your Gamification Face

Two Tag implementations that engaged users with a little mobile social game play.

It’s All Fair

Tag is part of some yummy deals featured at Washington State’s Puyallup Fair.
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