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Need a fresh, cutting-edge way to transform browsers to buyers? Turn to Microsoft Tag as your secret weapon. With Tag barcodes in your print ads or in-store displays, you can put rich product information in your customers' hands, providing them with everything from product recommendations to special coupons they can redeem for instant discounts. For example, an in-store shopper pondering a purchase could scan a Tag barcode on a shelf talker and instantly learn more about your different products, helping them feel confident about purchasing the right one. For retailers with white label brands, Tag barcodes or QR Codes can provide a great opportunity to make your brand stand out from others on the shelf.

Tags also provide a powerful resource for upsell opportunities. Scanning a Tag on one of your items can connect a shopper to a landing page that shows all of your products and lines, increasing your opportunity to grow sales by selling multiple products.

For those of you already using QR Codes with your print content, Tag can help. That’s because Tag is the only solution that can create, scan, and report on Tag barcodes and QR Codes from a single source. So while you continue to use a familiar format, you can also gain access to Tag’s exciting new functionality and unrivalled back-end experience for users. In addition, because Tag also offers cutting-edge NFC technology, you can get in on the ground floor with the next rising star in mobile, already available out-of-the-box on leading platforms such as Android.


Success Stories

Whole Foods Engages Customers With Tag

Whole Foods Market puts Tags on their signage to engage customers and provide more information about their products.

Tag Goes Shopping 

Dillard’s engages shoppers with a Tag promotion for back-to-school.

Full Engagement

NYX Cosmetics and Sonicare bring user engagement and excitement to their mobile marketing campaigns with Microsoft Tag.

Add Location Awareness to Your Tags

Target your message based on the customer’s geographical location


A Mobile Marketing Solution that Works

Convince your colleagues to use Tag with this presentation