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Add Tag to your editorial and ad content, and bring the written word to life.

Everyone wants to be in the know. By adding Microsoft Tag barcodes or QR Codes to your editorial content, you can give your mobile readers all the news they want and more. Tag barcodes add depth to features and news articles by linking readers to greater details, photo galleries, how-to videos, or post-publication updates. Best of all, you can update the content at any time without changing the code, ensuring you always have the latest info posted about what’s going on.

Tags can also enhance your ad content, attracting savvy advertisers looking to incorporate almost any 2D barcode into their marketing campaign. That’s because only Tag offers a full marketing solution capable of creating, reading, and reporting on Tag barcodes and QR Codes. So you get the power of choice along with a gateway to the unrivalled, feature-enhanced solution that Tag uniquely offers. How’s that for choice?

Tags in magazines

  • Link financial reports to real-time stock quotes, travel articles to destination videos and travel deals, and sports reports to player and team stats.

  • Drive the sales cycle by linking product pieces to online details and purchase options, including discounts, special offers, and recommended accessories.

  • Help customers find store locations with a Tag that takes them to an interactive map.

  • Entice consumers with contests and sweepstakes where they scan a Tag barcode to enter.

  • Provide bios of company bigwigs that detail their endeavors.

  • Offer serial content to mobile readers, such as progressive golf lesson videos or hair care instructions.

For branding and consistency, consider using a custom Tag with your company logo or other visual. Every time your readers see the custom Tag, they know to scan it for digital details.


Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags