Make your books timeless with Tag

There's something about those musty yellow pages. Most people still prefer the look (and smell) of old-fashioned paper, despite the rise of e-readers. With Microsoft Tag solutions you can connect physical books to digital content that you can change anytime, so it never goes stale – keeping your subject matter current and compelling.

Tags in books

  • Design Tag barcodes that provide robust content far beyond what a book can hold, adding deeper meaning to each chapter. Tags can link to audio, video, tutorials, podcasts, presentations and PDF files, online discussions, tips and techniques, and more.

  • You could add Tag barcodes next to pictures, connecting readers to content that enhances the meaning of the image. You could even include information about how to acquire a print of the image.

  • Computer and career books, not to mention textbooks, can quickly become obsolete. Not to worry with Tag's recognition technologies – you can update the content behind it whenever you want, so the book is always up to date.

  • You could use the App Download Tag to provide apps to readers, so they can try techniques for themselves – iPhone photo vignettes, anyone?

  • Author bios are no longer relegated to the dust jacket – you can give them all the attention they deserve, linking to their websites or a mobile store where readers can buy their other works.

  • You could even incorporate Tag barcodes linking to digital advertising as an additional revenue source.

A book with Tag barcodes inside and out? Now that's a page-turner.


Best Practices for Using Tag

Design Tags that scan easily and offer an engaging mobile experience


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags