Point of Sale

Shelf Talkers

Give customers the details they need to make the buy

You don’t want browsers; you want shoppers. With Microsoft Tags on shelves and store displays, you can provide customers with the knowledge they crave, motivating them to make an immediate purchase.

 Tag shelf talkers
  • Scan a Tag on a golf store display that offers reviews and technical specs of a putter.

  • Provide links to a mobile site that compares different models.

  • Shop related products, like golf gloves or visors.

  • Link to a remote call center where product specialists could provide a more human touch. By better engaging the shopper, you more strongly support on-premise purchase decisions.

You can't talk to every single customer – but Tag can answer their questions and provide the data they need.


Deliver a Personalized Marketing Message

Customize the user experience based on their device and number of scans


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags