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Take the guesswork out of shopping

How can you make your products fly off the shelves while highlighting accessories and add-ons that complement a purchase? Microsoft Tag can help your customers envision all the possibilities. With Tag’s innovative mobile marketing solutions, you can link to digital tools that let customers play with their product options (such as color and size) and see them visualized. And with a better feel for what their new toy will look like, they’re more likely to drop a credit card on the counter for your wares.

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Maybe a woman finds a jacket she likes, but the color she wants isn’t available. With any of Tag’s recognition technologies, she could view it on her smartphone and place an online order, or be directed to another store branch that can hold it for her. If you use an NFC marker, she could merely tap the phone with her NFC-enabled smartphone to learn about suggestions for related accessories. Maybe a man sees one of your delivery trucks with a QR Code (created using Tag). He scans the code which directs him to your mobile website where he can place an online order. Or at a restaurant, a couple scans Tag barcodes on a menu to help them select salads, hors d’oeuvres, or wines that go well with their entrées.

While you can't always help every customer find the product and accessories they want, Tag can. It offers the perfect blend of information with suggestion, driving consumers to feel comfortable about making a purchase in the moment.


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