Point of Sale

Gift Cards

Extend your promotions

Consumers have a love/hate relationship with gift cards. They love giving and receiving them but hate figuring out the balance. By adding one of Microsoft Tag’s recognition technologies to a gift card, you can remove the hassle for consumers while turning their interactions into merchandising opportunities.

Tags on giftcards

For consumers:

  • Scan a Tag barcode or QR Code with your smartphone to get information about the remaining balance, redemption policies, expiration dates, or ways to add value to the card. You've just turned your product into a gateway for sales!

  • Enable purchasers to add a personal audio, video, or picture greeting.

For you:

  • Offer information about products, offers, or special events.

  • Help customers find the closest store or its hours.

  • Let shoppers scan a Tag barcode or QR Code on the gift card that takes them to your mobile website.

  • Connect shoppers to a mobile retail site where they can spend their card.

  • Use the Real-Time Location feature in Tag to tailor offers based on which store the customer is near.

  • Deliver a unique and engaging experience that encourages the recipient to pay it forward and purchase cards for their friends. 


Deliver a Personalized Marketing Message

Customize the user experience based on their device and number of scans


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags