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Recruit and retain customers with digital coupons

Tired of the hassle and cost of printed coupons? Place one of Microsoft Tag’s recognition technologies at your point-of-sale: on a store display, signage, a shelf talker, a drink coaster. When customers scan or tap any of the formats that Tag can create and read – Tag barcodes, QR Codes, or NFC Technology1, a coupon appears on their device that they can show a clerk at checkout. It's a breeze for them and you – and you don't have to print a thing.

Turns out, one of the most popular uses for mobile tags is providing coupons to would-be customers. According to Mobile Marketer, the Atlanta-based Men’s Wearhouse chain, K&G Fashion Superstore, has seen a whopping 93% redemption rate for its mobile-coupon campaign.

Tags on coupons
  • Rotate coupons each day to reflect popular items, encourage repeat business, or extend store visits – a simple task thanks to Tag Manager’s ability to update the content behind Tag barcodes, QR Codes or NFC touchpoints.

  • Modify coupons depending on redemption rates and stock levels – responding in real time to make the most of your campaigns.

  • Use Tag’s Real-Time Location feature with any of our recognition technologies and social networking for your restaurant or bar to offer deals such as an extended happy hour if 25 customers scan the Tag barcode during the regular hours.

  • Post Tag barcodes or QR Codes at your counter to offer special deals if shoppers go back to make additional purchases.

  • Link to digital content that delivers a coupon only after a viewer has scrolled through all the information.

  • Personalize your mobile couponing strategy by using Tag’s Device ID capabilities to offer customers different deals based on how often they’ve scanned the Tag barcode – first-timers might get an introductory offer, repeat scanners a different incentive, Android device users with NFC Technology built into their phones, a third kind of offer. Talk about a personal touch!

For more ideas, see our "Using Tags with Mobile Coupons" instructional guide (.pdf).


Deliver a Personalized Marketing Message

Customize the user experience based on their device and number of scans


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