Point of Sale


Drive the car shopper to purchase new wheels

Buying a car's a pretty big deal. That’s why you need Microsoft Tag’s mobile marketing solutions to help you reassure potential customers and gently nudge them toward a purchase. With Microsoft Tag recognition technologies, including Tag barcodes, QR Codes, and NFC Technology, you can give car shoppers the info they want – detailed features, technical specs, color options, accessories, reviews, competitive analyses, “experience” videos, even Kelley Blue Book values – delivered to them on their mobile phones.

Tags in Automotive

How do you do it? That’s easy. Just post a Tag on a car window next to the Monroney sticker (the one that lists features, and base price – yeah, it actually has a name). We suggest a custom Tag barcode that incorporates your dealer logo or the auto brand. When shoppers scan it, they’re instantly taken to your mobile site, which you’ve stocked with everything they need to know about this model, other models, your dealership, the car brand. Heck, you can even provide a “build your own car” app that lets them try out colors and configure options. For maximum mileage, include Tag barcodes or QR Codes (created in Tag Manager) in your brochures like Acura does, so shoppers can scan them for more information after they leave the lot.


Deliver a Personalized Marketing Message

Customize the user experience based on their device and number of scans


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

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