Expand your brand beyond the box

Messaging on a box or bottle? That’s kickin’ it old-school. With Microsoft Tag’s recognition technologies, you can make your brand more modern and compelling to consumers by linking static packaging to rich digital content including videos, reviews, product details, recipes… you name it. Tag barcodes allow for a customized look to blend perfectly into your brand. You can also use QR Codes or pair with NFC Technology. Now that’s a full-marketing solution!

Tag on packaging_bottles  Tag on Meat Packaging  Tag on Egg Packaging 
  • Meyer Beef puts Tag barcodes on its meat wrappers to educate consumers about its natural origins, from food sources to farm practices.

  • You could link shoppers to a mobile-based wizard that outlines the different varieties of your product and help shoppers find the right one for them – similar to what Herbal Essences did for  shampoos.

  • Jarden updated the Crock-Pot brand by putting Tag barcodes on the boxes and developing a mobile recipe-finder app.

  • How about showing your product in use? Sports manufacturers O’Brien (water sports), Razor (scooters), and Camelbak (hydration backpacks) know that showing their products in action helps close the sale, so they use Tag to play “experience” videos to customers pondering a purchase.

  • In a band? Tag barcodes or QR Codes on CD cases can promote new songs, music videos, and upcoming concerts, not to mention your website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

  • Using Tag barcodes or QR Codes inside the box can show off your green thumb, saving paper and packaging by providing product details digitally on customers’ smartphones – how to use it, assembly instructions, product care advice, support and warranty information, even recycling options.

  • What about using Tag's recognition technologies to encourage charitable giving? You could have a Tag on your packaging that enables the customer to donate to a relevant charity – for instance, UNICEF has used Tag barcodes on their iconic Trick or Treat boxes and in their Tap program to raise funds to support children and clean water around the world.


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