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Microsoft Tag makes it easy to add interactivity to your marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether it’s advertising or gaming, packaging or magazines, Tag can add a mobile dimension, helping you reach new customers and retain existing ones. And because Tag offers a robust mobile marketing solution for multiple formats (Tag barcodes, QR Codes, NFC technology) you get the flexibility to work with the solution that best meets your needs or rotate between solutions if you want. We have lots of examples to inspire you – take these ideas and run with them!

Tags in Advertising

Engage your audience and drive sales in new and exciting ways by transforming your ads into gateways to compelling online content. Tag’s recognition technologies revitalize the printed word by giving more dimension, linking customers to online promotions, and increasing interaction with your product from virtually anywhere.

Tags in Contests
Contests & Sweepstakes

Create a new style of play that lets people interact more closely with your brand, inspiring repeat traffic, and brand loyalty. Tag can help people engage more with your publication or product, building your brand and audience.

Tags at Events

Design a uniquely engaging experience that drives registration, keeps people connected to your event, and makes them excited by your presentations. With Tag barcodes at events, you can even impress your sponsors and exhibitors by adding value to their printed materials.

Tags in Marketing
Marketing Collateral

Add a mobile component to your marketing promotions and build stronger connections between your products and customers. From brochures, mailers, and business cards to T-shirts and tote bags, you can use Tag barcodes to connect customers with compelling online content that’s limited only by your imagination.

Tags in Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming

Engage your audience with fun, interactive games that put your product at the center of the action. Just add a Tag barcode to a display, print ad, poster, or packaging. When scanned with a smartphone, the Tag takes consumers to a game that ties directly into the world of your brand. It's a win-win for you and your customer.

Tags on Packaging

Make your brand more modern and compelling to consumers by linking static packaging to rich digital content such as videos, reviews, enhanced product details, recipes… you name it. With a Tag barcode on the package, you can tell your whole story to the customer through their smartphone and make the sale while they’re standing in the aisle.

Tags in Point Of Sale
Point of Sale

Capture your customers’ attention in the store and provide them with the additional information they need to close the deal. Engaging, informative, and interactive, Tag barcodes intertwine the digital world with the real one, creating a customized, personable connection that resonates with your target audience.

Tags in Publications

Bring your content to life. With Tag barcodes you can link readers to online resources that add breadth and depth to your company’s catalogs, directories, newsletters, magazines, annual reports, and books.

Tags in Social Media
Social Media

Get to know your customer. Tag's recognition technologies and social networks offer endless possibilities for communicating with customers and personalizing their experience with your brand. Tap into Twitter, Facebook, and Tag’s Real Time Location feature to send promotions, have people recommend your brand to friends, and receive valuable feedback.


A Mobile Marketing Solution that Works

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