Keep your audience engaged and entertained

Want to keep folks engaged at your next presentation? Use Microsoft Tag to tear down the invisible wall between you and your audience. Tag’s recognition technologies can unlock the door to an interactive world of digital content that informs, entertains, and supports your presentation. From the moment you send out invites through the post-event follow-up, you can use Tag barcodes or QR Codes you create with Tag Manager to spice up demonstrations and deliveries.

Tag used during presentation

Pre-event - Use Tag barcodes or QR Codes on your website or printed collateral to:

  • Drive pre-registration and build your audience.

  • Offer background on the subject matter.

  • Direct attendees to a straw poll.

Event day:

  • Prime your audience by including Tag barcodes or QR Codes in the welcome pack and on signage, providing details of the day’s schedule and content. Pair with a Tag NFC URL to reach out to users who have NFC-enabled Android smartphones that link to content when tapping the NFC touchpoint.

  • Post a Tag barcode or QR Code on the projection screen so attendees can pull up your mobile site and review content.

  • Link your audience, during the presentation, to additional information, statistics, and videos, or take an instant poll.


  • Display a Tag barcode or QR Code on-screen and in printed material that provides more information, your contact info, and an online evaluation form.

  • Hand out business cards with Tags or QR Codes that link to your website and biographical information.

  • Provide links to social networks so your audience can evangelize your presentation to their friends and colleagues.

Tags provide a great way to round out your presentation with a little pizzazz. For more ideas, see our "Using Tags at Events" instructional guide (.pdf).


Add Location Awareness to Your Tags

Target your message based on the customer’s geographical location


View Reports on Your Tags’ Performance

Free analytics make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your Tags