Exhibits & Attractions

Deliver a new experience to visitors

With so many museums, exhibits, and attractions, how do you convince people to frequent yours? Try adding a Microsoft Tag solution. With Tag’s recognition technologies you can break down the walls between your visitors and your experiences, opening up an exciting world of vivid content that adds new layers of information and engagement.

Tag at the museum
  • Tag’s 2D barcodes in guides and brochures can display location-based maps and other venue details on visitors’ mobile phones.

  • Pair one of Tag's NFC URLs with a Tag barcode or QR Code at amusement parks to provide fun ride facts or let visitors know if a ride’s kid friendly. Because Tag simultaneously works for different platforms, you have a better opportunity to reach more smartphone users.

  • Tag barcodes next to exhibits can tell visitors more about what they’re seeing or offer interactive learning experiences, from videos and virtual tours to lectures and educational games.

  • If you run a gallery, you could use either of our 2D barcode formats near artwork to provide a biography of the artist. You could even connect visitors to your online gift shop to make a purchase.

Try this scenario on for size: You pair NFC Technology with a Tag barcode for your posters. When either tapping the poster with their NFC-enabled Android device or scanning the Tag barcode with their Tag app, visitors connect to your mobile website where they learn enticing tidbits about your latest exhibits and receive a discount price for admission. Once at the museum, they receive a brochure with a Tag barcode connecting them to an exhibit map. As they stroll around the venue, each piece of artwork has a Tag barcode next to it that your visitors can scan. If caught waiting in a line, they can scan nearby Tags to watch videos or virtual tours. Other Tag barcodes let them play an interactive game. They gain points based on the number of barcodes scanned, which can be converted to discounts at the gift shop. Your mobile site also offers digital postcards that can be emailed to friends to encourage them to attend. At the end of the day, everyone has enjoyed an amazing experience and you have a larger fan base.

For more ideas, see our "Using Tags at Events" instructional guide (.pdf).


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